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With the trend of corporate digital transformation, the application of technological tools plays a more than ever important role for businesses to increase efficiency and boost productivity. From one-way streaming to two-way real-time connection, audio and video technology has seen revolutionary innovations, and found its way into our life. In 2017, the WebRTC 1.0 specification was introduced, and it has since significantly lowered the threshold for audio video communication while broaden the driveway to connectivity. New ways of communication has emerged in practical business scenarios. Today, commercial WebRTC application is without doubt one of the most significant essentials for business and organization pursuing digital transformation.

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In Practical RTC Experts

Our developers has devoted themselves in design and develop audio and video communication technology for more than a decade, and left their marks on innumerable practical projects. Founded in 2017, TAVAN focuses on WebRTC design and development, and has independently constructed the WebRTC business communication suite. So far, the team have successfully installed dozens of projects for major corporate clients from various distinct industries.

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Private / Hybrid Cloud Deployment

We support full privatization deployment, without rely on public cloud SaaS, provide customizable product solutions.

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Cross-platform SDKs

Our SDKs supports Windows, UWP, Linux, macOS, Web, Android, iOS, etc.

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Support & Service

We also provide services including but not limited to industry and technology fit, product scheme customization, technology landing consultant, remote tech support.

Products & Services

Three WebRTC-based products will fundamentally change the way your business communicate with the real-time video application. It can be integrated into your current system seamlessly, and leads to a new level of corporate digital transformation. And we offer assorted customizations with our product solutions to suit your demand, and you will have our professional support from the start to actual landing of technical projects.


P2P, SFU, MCU services

MediaLive is a real-time communication application with P2P connection, selective forwarding service, multi-point connection synthesis service.

• RTCKit

Cross-platform SDKs

RTCKit provides SDK supporting all devices: Windows, Linux, Web, Android, iOS, etc. It can be seamlessly integrated into the current corporative system.

• NETExchange

Signaling, TURN, STUN

NETExchange communication has encrypted data channel,safe link signaling service, and it support relay traffic service, serverless service, and customized signaling.


WebRTC-based everything

We provide Audio and Video frameworks construct guidance, SI services, legacy system upgrade, and customizable project design and development.


Video scenario design

Boost your business, deliver PoCs and MVPs product that answer your need. more feasible profiting scenarios, and make your business more competitive than ever.


WebRTC enlightenment

We also offer WebRTC inner training program, AV system framework guidance, AV solution deduction, technological feasibility evaluation, etc.


Our tailor-made WebRTC communication suite beats competition by 4 advanced highlights.


Our application is designed to seamlessly integrated into private or hybrid cloud computing platform, without using public network system. It is tailor made to suit your detailed demands.


Fully support all platforms, fast integration with no more waste of time or resources. Mobile, Web, Client, etc.

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Our product suite requires no reengineering. Instant installation can save you time and money from the very beginning and optimize your resources.


For businesses looking for corporate intranet security, our services full encrypted connection to protect your information.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Below you will find answers to some of your questions.

In simple words, WebRTC allows you to have video communication by just using web browsers. To be exact, WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a collection of cross-platform communication technology. In 2010, Google bought out GIP. Then in 2011, WebRTC became open source and standardized at the W3C. In 2017, standardization of WebRTC 1.0 is published. Click HERE to learn more about the brief history of WebRTC.
Yes, as a BSD licensed open source tech collection, any business or private use of WebRTC is free. However, technology itself can only possess value with practical development, thus the product and service developed based on WebRTC is not free. The same applies to Linux Kernel, which is a free technology, but Red Hat is not.
WebRTC is an open source tech collection, and the eco-system surrounding it is now flourishing. And innovations based on WebRTC is not limited to web browsers, it now can support almost any mobile devices. In the long run, we believe this technology has ambitions to go beyond audio/video communication, and the future of connectivity based on WebRTC development has infinite possibilities.
Of course, we are always excited to hear from you. Click HERE to access our free trial.


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WebRTC development community welcomes more challenge. Click HERE to join our discussion.


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Words from our Clients

We always listen to our customer’s voice, and it is our mission to present great product and services to bring success to our clients and partners.

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John Ding

CEO/CSO SKspruce

Based on TAVAN's real-time audio and video service and relying on our WiFi wireless communication solution as the infrastructure, we have provided more expanded application scenarios for our customers.

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Zeng Liao Yuan

Dr. Zeng UESTC

Under the background of accelerating commercial use of 5G, the market potential for real-time audio/video applications is huge. It will be an important key point in the commercialization path of 5G communication industry.

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Kong Xiang Yong

Chairman Orcadt

The combination of real-time audio and video technology and our cloud enterprise storage service provides continuous audio/video service data to the enterprise storage field.

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Teng Long

GM ZhongChao XinDa

The real-time audio and video products provides incremental highlights for our intelligent access control and face recognition turnstiles. Effectively help us expand our business.

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Smart Huang

GM Blue Whale in Xi An

The interconnection and interoperability requirements of IoT system, and the real-time products as a closed-loop support for the infrastructure, provide more possibilities for the application expansion of the whole system.

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Professional product and services empower your business with ultra efficient real-time audio/video communication technology.

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